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How To Have A Healthy Day

Posted on September 16, 2019 in Uncategorized

You can have a healthy day all day long by making good choices about diet, exercise and activities through out the day. The following plan is part of my healthy lifestyle which I try to follow as often as possible. Keep in mind I am retired and can adjust my daily schedule anyway I please. You may have to fit in work! Yikes, what a thought! More…

7:00 AM… Begin your day with a few stretches or exercises when you climb out of bed. This puts oxygen into your muscles and gives you energy to start your morning. Stretches and exercise in the morning gets your metabolism going.

8:00AM… Have a heart healthy breakfast of oatmeal,nuts and an apple. “An apple a day away keeps the doctor away”. Apples are low in calories and increase your longevity. Top it off with a cup of green tea to boost your bodies defenses against toxins. Toxins can contribute to heart attack, stroke and many other illnesses. Don’t skip breakfast it revs up your motor for the entire day. Remember to take your vitamins and or supplements before starting your day. You can brighten your mood with happy colors when you get dressed. Yellow is a happy color, red is for energy.

9:00AM… Take a walk, run or ride your bike for an hour. I ride my bike to the gym for a great warm up before hitting the treadmill. A little sunlight provides the vitamin D needed to slow down the process of aging. Be sure to protect your skin and wear sunscreen to keep those wrinkles and skin cancer at bay. Drink plenty of water all day. Fill your water bottle and carry it with you.

10:00AM… I hit the gym about 3 times a week for a good hour or 2 hour workout. On the off days and weather permitting I will ride my bike for an hour. Be sure to take lots of water with you to hydrate your system.

11:30AM… Take time to refresh yourself in a nice warm shower after your workout. What is really invigorating is to run a little cold water over your body right at the end of your shower to stimulate your body and mood.

12:30… Be sure to eat a healthy lunch and drink a glass of iced tea or water. I love a good salad. There is lots of vitamin K in lettuce and spinach. Vitamin K helps boost the elasticity in the skin. Another great antiaging remedy. Add a some chicken to your salad for protein to build muscle and help you stay alert.

1:00-3:00…This is a good time to run errands, clean house or just read. Reading is my favorite past time and a great way to keep the mind alert and healthy. Give your brain a boost and master something new. Do a puzzle or play a game. Journal writing is also great for your mind and spirit.

3:00PM… You should always have a snack, maybe 2 during the day, so your body does not store up fat. The body will do that if you wait too long between meals or skip a meal. Nibble lightly but do have a snack. A handful of nuts, a piece of fruit or a small piece of dark chocolate are great choices. An orange has vitamin C, fights wrinkles, helps defy age related dry skin and is only 70 calories. Strawberries, kiwi papaya and cantaloupe also contain vitamin C.

3 :30PM…In the summer I like to spend this time outdoors, in the pool, on the patio, or working around the yard. Unwind, bond with a friend or play with your pet. This will decrease depression and boost your immune system.

6:30-7:30PM…Dinner is around this time, I try not to eat any later than 7:30 to be sure I have digested my dinner well enough to ensure a good nights sleep. It is important to keep the immune system healthy with lots of omega 3’s that regulate your metabolism, reduce inflammation and balance your blood sugar. Fish, salmon especially, and vegetables like broccoli are favorites of mine both have omega 3’s. A cup of herb tea or a nice glass of wine makes dinner special.

7:30PM…This is a good time to relax and enjoy the evening. Watching TV, listening to music, working on the computer or curling up with a good book are some of my favorite things to do. When it is warm weather just sitting on the patio or taking a short walk is most pleasant. All of these activities reduce stress and prepare you for pleasant dreams.

11:00PM…Early to bed and early to rise makes a man (or woman) healthy, wealthy and wise. An old proverb, but true, especially the healthy part. I’m not so sure on the wealthy! Go to sleep at the same time each night with something pleasant on your mind. This will help you get a good nights sleep so you can wake up refreshed and ready to start another healthy day!

Taking care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually will help you maintain your youth and add years to your life. Plan one perfect healthy day that includes good nutrition, exercise and a way to relieve stress. One will lead to two or three and soon all your days will be healthy ones.